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Service Provider Registration Form

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How it works

  1. Service Providers register to the site
  2. They register their Company, Company Website, and along with their Company details.
  3. An HTML verification file will be generated for them, Service Provider must upload this to their company website.
  4. After uploading and submitting the form, we will crawl the HTML file to make sure that the Service Provider is indeed related to the company website.
  5. Once a Service Provider has a verified Company/website, they can now submit VPS offers.

How to add your service

  1. Register as a Service Provider
  2. Check your email to get your credentials
  3. Login
  4. At the dashboard, go to “My Company”
  5. Create a new company entry, fill in your company details.
  6. Download the generated idlefinder-verification-file.html verification file.
  7. Upload the HTML verification file to your site so that it is accessible via:
  8. Click “Proceed with Verification”. Our crawler will check if we can access the verification file at your company website.
  9. If the verification is successful, you would be able to start creating VPS entries.


Service providers can submit up to 6 VPS offers. Support for more services types are undergoing development.